About Us

Prestify, A luxury lifestyle brand for the fashion-conscious modern man that inspires & motivates you to get to the next level in life by unleashing your full potential. Discipline and consistency are the key factors that empower each other to reach new heights. Our mission is to produce prestigious, comfortable and unique designs. We strive to build a community and to inspire and motivate as many people as possible. When you have found your passion or if there is something you really want to achieve, you should pursue it. For this you will have to dare to step out of the comfort zone, even if it involves difficult choices and drastic decisions. Sharing this lifestyle globally is our vision. We highly believe that when you overcome this you will: 

"Unleash your full potential"

There are a number of core brand values ​​that we at Prestify deeply believe in. They serve as a compass that guides our actions, behavior and decision making process. These brand values ​​help us remind of what is of paramount importance to us and we believe are essential to serving our rapidly growing community.

  • Delivering exceptional customer experience. We are convinced that not only our designs can make a positive contribution to you as an individual. But also feeling connected to us as a brand is a factor we attach great value to and this experience should be noticeable to all our highly valued customers.
  • Eye for finest detail. Our body enhancing, confident seam work makes our products more durable and meticulously finished down to the last detail. In menswear, the opportunity to 'detail' is often missed; it is often thought that modern men prefer functionality and simplicity over looks and details. The human eye looks for the unusual, beyond the expected and into the realm of the rare. Subtle details complete a design.
  • Quality and comfort. The golden combination of quality and comfort is indispensable in the passion and pure craftsmanship of Prestify and our manufacturers all over the world. We will continue to develop to meet all the requirements in this field and then go one step further to differentiate ourselves from competitors.

It is about helping each other pushing the limits and expanding the boundaries in order to develop yourself in every possible way. Success is a result of inward growth and development. Putting in the work day in day out, staying hungry and always strive to be the best version of yourself are key factors for our brand. We truly believe that wearing the right clothes can contribute to a better vibe during the day.

The concept of this brand was conceived in a Dutch attic room in December 2020. When you have lost your motivation to achieve a certain goal, think about what and why you are doing it, give everything you have and you will be amazed at what you can achieve. It starts with making that one step in the right direction and you will be grateful for everything you did in the end. Sharing this passion and enjoying every single moment of our precious lives is one of the main reasons we established Prestify.

The brand name Prestify comes from the Dutch word “presteren” that means to achieve. In addition, also the word “prestige” that brings authority and a favorable reputation. These are the values that are of paramount importance to us and we certainly want to transfer this to the outside world.

The logo
A phoenix is visible in the logo. The phoenix is about overcoming darkness and rising to the challenge to become powerful and succeed. It does not matter how many setbacks there are for you life, the legendary phoenix rises gloriously and overcomes these setbacks, does what needs to be done and won’t stop until it is achieved.

Don’t let anybody else tell you what your goals should be. Step out of your comfort zone. Keep your priorities straight. Pave your own path by unleashing your full potential and the results will follow.

Be ready to pursue your passion – Be Prestify 

By Lars Elsjan